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Market sectors are defined differently by all; some groups cross-market sectors with geographies and facility/project types. Geographically, while we are located in Portland, Oregon, we are experienced in all geographies or have networked partners who can support projects/services. Below are the markets and facility/project types that TCG is passionate about and can support.

Data Centers / Mission Critical


The demand for data storage is intense and increasing. With published capital plans for the private/cloud owners and federal expansions such as Project JEDI, a large number of startups and consolidated COLOs expanding globally - DCs are at the forefront of TCGs passion. This market also includes cable landing stations (CLS), control centers, and effectively any operation that must sustain operations 24/7/365.

High-Tech / Industrial


Everything from corporate office campuses to large scale industrial operations to specialty agriculture. Anything weird, wild, and fun that can’t be defined elsewhere. Unique, first of a kind projects/facilities that are either new to you as an organization or to the world. Facilities may include R&D, logistics/fulfillment, extensive process infrastructure, or complicated multi-type facility type projects.

Real Estate / Investors / Funds


Unique service offerings related to developers, RE brokers, investment funds. While TCG is not a licensed Real Estate Broker, our expertise with land development processes and relationships with companies looking for develop-able land has us excited to be working with either side of a transaction. As new technology invests in land speculation and project/facility development, we can help navigate these opportunities.

As an investor/fund in the AEC industry, are you looking for real world experience with some of the major players and landscapes?



Manufacturing has a broader definition to us and includes all types of manufacturing facilities and environments. We have extensive semiconductor and battery manufacturing facility development experience. Through our Industrial Engineering network, this work may include pharmaceutical and light “widget” manufacturing facilities.

Design / Construction / Integrated Delivery


At the core of our experience, passion, and expertise is in the AEC industry. Whether it be working with design and construction companies or the owners in their respective markets, TCG can offer unique strategic and organizational consulting services. We offer staff augmentation services or support to Owners in the management of those providers.

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